Peter, Paul, and Mary at the Washington MonumentEdited by Annie J. Randall Music, Power, and Politics
“This volume is a full frontal attack on the commonplace view of music as little more than innocent diversion or entertainment. Touching on folk revivals, totalitarian spectacles, censorship, and resistance, the essays in Music, Power, and Politics richly consider the play of power in music and lead us to a heightened awareness of music’s transformative power.”
    – Gage Averill, Dean, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto
Music, Power, and Politics compellingly demonstrates the multifaceted ways in which music has been used to enact specific political and social agendas. These essays insist that we interrogate the relationship between power and music across the globe. A bold and remarkable collection.”
    – Ellie M. Hisama, Director, Institute for Studies in American Music, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Music, Power, and Politics presents thirteen different cultural perspectives on a single theme: the concept of music as a site of socio-political struggle. Essays by scholars from seven countries (UK, People’s Republic of China, Germany, South Africa, USA, Serbia and Montenegro, and Iran) explore the means by which music’s long-acknowledged potential to persuade, seduce, indoctrinate, rouse, incite, or even silence listeners has been used to advance agendas of power and protest. more...

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