Peter, Paul, and Mary at the Washington Monument
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Edited by Annie J. Randall Music, Power, and Politics


Introduction   Annie J. Randall

CHAPTER 1: A Censorship of Forgetting: Origins and Origin Myths of “Battle Hymn of the Republic”   Annie J. Randall

CHAPTER 2: Discipline and Choralism: The Birth of Musical Colonialism   Grant Olwage

CHAPTER 3: Power Needs Names: Hegemony, Folklorization, and the Viejitos Dance of Michoacán, Mexico   Ruth Hellier-Tinoco

CHAPTER 4: The Power to Influence Minds: German Folk Music During the Nazi Era and After   Britta Sweers

CHAPTER 5: The Making of a National Musical Icon: Xian Xinghai and his Yellow River Cantata   Hon-Lun Yang

CHAPTER 6: Dancing for the Eternal President   Keith Howard

CHAPTER 7: The Power of Recently Revitalized Serbian Rural Folk Music in Urban Settings   Jelena Jovanovic

CHAPTER 8: Hands off my Instrument!   Helen Reddington

CHAPTER 9: Barbadian Tuk Music – A Fusion of Musical Cultures   Sharon Meredith

CHAPTER 10: There Goes the Transnational Neighborhood: Calypso Buys a Bungalow   Michael Eldridge

CHAPTER 11: Fighting for the Right (to) Party? Discursive Negotiations of Power in Pre-Unification East German Popular Music   Edward Larkey

CHAPTER 12: Who's Listening?   Bennett Hogg

CHAPTER 13: Subversion and Countersubversion: Power, Control and Meaning in the New Iranian Pop Music   Laudan Nooshin

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